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Presentation of the Doctoral School EDISS ED 205 Sciences, Health, Interdisciplinary

► The Doctoral School EDISS ED 205, Sciences, Health, Interdisciplinary is one of the 17 Doctoral Schools of the Université de Lyon in charge of a 3-year PhD training program following the rules established by the Ministerial Order :
It is one of the first French Doctoral School to coordinate the training and education of future doctorate holders within the fields of Sciences, Health, Interdisciplinary.

► Preparation of a Doctorate or PhD at EDISS ED 205 revolves around 5 Scientific Research themes:

- Molecular and structural biology & chemistry
- Physiology, pathophysiology & endocrinology
- Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health
- Applied life sciences & biotechnology
- Sport sciences

And within the following fields of research (key words):

- Acoustics
- Molecular and cellular aspects of biology
- Biochemistry
- Cellular biochemistry and oncology
- Biomechanics and bio-engineering
- Biomolecules, pharmacology, therapeutics
- Chemistry
- Epidemiology, public health, health systems research
- Biomedical engineering, biotechnology
- Living systems engineering
- Micro-organisms, infections, interactions
- Neurosciences
- Physiology, biology, populations, interactions
- Clinical research
- Clinical research and medical technology innovations
- Management sciences
- Life science, Biology and Health
- Sport Sciences (STAPS, in France)
- Signal and Image Processing

► A research-friendly environment
Located at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (secretary’s office) and also at East of Lyon Hospital Louis Pradel (Doctoral Students’s Office), the Doctoral school EDISS benefits from a particularly rich scientific environment.

It also benefits from the scientific resources and networks of the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, INSA to which it is attached, as well as its partnership with VetAgroSup. This network allows the school to ensure the training of its Doctoral students in the very best conditions.

The 300 Doctoral students enrolled in the doctoral school undergo research training within 60 Research Teams (Équipe d’Accueil de Doctorants) in 33 Research Units most of which are accredited by CNRS, INSERM & IFSTTAR (16 UMR or Joint Research Units), and the University of Lyon. They also participate in a variety of Doctoral training program courses.

► The Doctoral School is headed by a Director assisted by the Doctoral School Council.

History of EDISS

Key figures

The Doctoral School EDISS ED 205  is home to :

  • 300 Doctoral students
  • 270 HDRs (accredited research directors)
  • 70 thesis submitted & defended each year, on average)
  • 32 laboratories (Research Units) among which 16 UMR (Joint Research Unit) associated to CNRS, INSERM or IFSTTAR
  • 60 Host Research Teams

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