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sujets de thèses 2018

Concours aux contrats doctoraux 2018 (sujets) 
► Doctoral contract - Competitive recruitment 2018 (subjects) 

1. Computer-Aided Diagnostic (CAD) for the detection and characterization of prostate cancer [PDF - 44 Ko], LabTAU UMRS1032, Olivier ROUVIERE
2. Unraveling the pathophysiology of Bethlem Myopathy using a unique zebrafish model for the disease [PDF - 97 Ko], INMG UMR5310 U1217, Bruno ALLARD
3. Development of an endoscopic ultrasound-guided HIFU probe for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias [PDF - 257 Ko], LabTAU UMRS1032, Cyril LAFON
4. Smart systems for food biopreservation by lactic acid bacteria [PDF - 335 Ko], BioDyMIA EA3733, Nadia OULAHAL
5. Functional and structural mechanisms underlying the Host/intestinal microbiota interactions [PDF - 64 Ko], MMSB UMR5086, Stephanie RAVAUD et Christophe GRANGEASSE
6. The role of tight junctions in dermal absorption : understanding of transport mechanism [PDF - 278 Ko], LAGEP UMR5007, Marie-Alexandrine BOLZINGER et Jacqueline RESENDE-DE-AZEVEDO
7. Lipid trafficking in Leishmania-infected macrophages [PDF - 37 Ko], INTERTRYP UMR CIRAD-IRD, Samira AZZOUZ et Philippe LAWTON
8. Role of extracellular vesicles released from skeletal muscle in the development of insulinresistance associated with type 2 diabetes [PDF - 40 Ko], CARMeN UMRS1060, Sophie ROME
9. Title of the PhD project: Studying the impact of early life exposures on the risk of testicular germ cell tumors during adulthood (TESTIS project) [PDF - 29 Ko], CRCL UMR5286, Béatrice FERVERS, Barbara CHARBOTEL et Joachim SCHÜZ
10. Regulatory B lymphocytes in sepsis-induced immunosuppression [PDF - 47 Ko], PI3 EA7426, Fabienne VENET
11. Characterization and search for inhibitors of a new family of widely conserved bacterial protein kinases [PDF - 111 Ko], MMSB UMR5086, Jean-Michel JAULT
12. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation training to minimize cancer and sepsis induced cachexia [PDF - 84 Ko], INMG UMR5310, Julien GONDIN
13. Role of Osteoblast derived Autotaxin in Bone Remodeling [PDF - 84 Ko], LYOS Physiopathologies, Diagnostic et traitements des maladies osseuses UMR1033, Irma MACHUCA-GAYET
14. Targeting the brain with AceDoPC® and protective metabolites : an innovative therapeutic strategy for neurological diseases [PDF - 144 Ko], CARMeN UMRS1060, Nathalie BERNOUD-HUBAC
15. Decrease of individual responses to stress : neuroplasticity elicited by cognitive and brain stimulations [PDF - 480 Ko], LIBM EA7424, Christian COLLET
16. Molecular and structural bases of Integrase-­‐viral RNA interaction during HIV-­1 morphogenesis [PDF - 63 Ko], MMSB UMR5086, Patrice GOUET
17. Biophysicochemical properties of cell membranes during tumor development [PDF - 269 Ko], ICBMS UMR5246, Thierry GRANJON
18. IntesTox (Do pollutants exert metabolic disturbances through their impact on intestinal health?) [PDF - 226 Ko], CARMeN UMRS1060, Brigitte LE MAGUERESSE-BATTISTONI
19. Exploration of immune alterations in myositis [PDF - 418 Ko], Immunogénomique et Inflammation EA 4130, Pierre MIOSSEC et Frédéric COUTANT
20. Cell-free Assay for Pollution Detection and Environmental Monitoring [PDF - 75 Ko], ICBMS UMR5246, Loïc BLUM et Guillaume OCTOBRE
21. Structure and interactions of the propeptide of lysyl oxidase [PDF - 38 Ko], ICBMS UMR5246, Sylvie RICARD-BLUM
22. Quantification of pulmonary aeration in CT images of patients with acute respiratory-distress syndrome [PDF - 143 Ko], CREATIS UMR5220, Jean-Christophe RICHARD
23. Mitochondrial diagnostic of β cells : Structures and functions in type II diabetes [PDF - 66 Ko], CARMeN UMRS1060, Charles THIVOLET et Baptiste PANTHU

24. Biochemical, enzymatic and structural characterization of enzymes from the pathogen Candida glabrata [PDF - 414 Ko], MMSB UMR5086, Lionel BALLUT et Nushin AGHAJARI
25. Optimal control applied to magnetic resonance elastography : Using RF pulses to improve gradient efficiency in motion encoding; application to liver disease imaging [PDF - 164 Ko], CREATIS UMR5220, Olivier BEUF
26. Using ABCG2 as Achilles Heel of cancer stem cells [PDF - 106 Ko], MMSB UMR5086, Hélène CORTAY
27. Enhancement of bio-integration of ceramic orthopedic and dental implants by surface chemical and biological functionalization [PDF - 317 Ko], MATEIS UMR5510, Laurent GREMILLARD, Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU et Laurent DAVID
28. Understanding the mechanisms of dysregulated collagen turnover in skin wound healing pathologies [PDF - 364 Ko], LBTI UMR5305, Catherine MOALI
29. Effect of personalized home-based physical activity program on risk factors of carotid plaque rupture in patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis [PDF - 422 Ko], LIBM EA7424, Vincent PIALOUX
30. Structural study of Helicobacter pylori type IV secretion system assembly [PDF - 37 Ko], MMSB UMR5086, Laurent TERRADOT
31. Aerobic performance and skeletal muscle bioenergetics adjustments during endurance exercise in hypoxia [PDF - 467 Ko], LEHNA UMR5023, Damien ROUSSEL et Loic TEULIER
32. Role of the Notch pathway in ASC-mediated Th17 cell promotion in obesity and type 2 diabetes (ASCODIL-17) [PDF - 647 Ko], CARMeN UMRS1060, Assia ELJAAFARI
33. Increasing legumes intake through changing the hedonic factors in meals throughout lifespan [PDF - 543 Ko], P2S EA4129, Agnès GIBOREAU
34. Investigation of a new class of entry inhibitors of hepatitis B and delta viruses in hepatocytes [PDF - 39 Ko], B2MC EA4446, Marc LE BORGNE, Luc ROCHEBLAVE et Isabelle CHEMIN
35. Design of HIV mRNA vaccine eliciting broadly neutralizing antibodies using hybrid nanocarriers [PDF - 472 Ko], LBTI UMR5305, Jean-Yves EXPOSITO et Bernard VERRIER
36. Cytoprotection induced by pharmacological modulation of reticular calcium leak channels in myocardial infarction [PDF - 160 Ko], CARMeN UMRS1060, Fabien VAN COPPENOLLE et Sylvie DUCREUX
37. Improving adherence to treatment in low health literacy patients with cardiovascular diseases [PDF - 38 Ko], HESPER EA7425, François DELAHAYE et Julie HAESEBERT




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