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Foreign Applicants-Doctoral Students

You want to apply for a doctorate and you are a foreign applicant.The following pages are designed to help you with many practical issues that may arise in the context of your international mobility & doctoral studies.

You will find below all the information you might need for this purpose:
  • How to apply
  • Administrative assistance,
  • French language courses
  • Useful links

How to apply

You can apply to enter the PhD programme in the same manner as a French citizen. However, if you do not hold a master's degree, you must demonstrate that you hold an equivalent degree that has allowed you to acquire research training.  Your training program must be in accordance with your PhD project.

In addition, foreign applicants are also eligible for all financial aid programmes detailed in the section "Financial Aid" of our web page “FUNDING”. If a foreign doctoral student does not benefit from financial aid provided by his/her government, the student may benefit from a "doctoral contract" or other work contract governing his/her doctoral studies (a CIFRE contract, for instance), just like any French citizen.

To find out more use the links below:
►How to apply
►Read more about co-supevision of a thesis
►Enrolling for the first year of a doctoral course
[DOC - 135 Ko]

►Thesis Charter of Université de Lyon and UCBL Amendment [PDF - 299 Ko]

Administrative assistance for foreign Doctoral students

►►Assistance for admission and registration procedures
The registration procedure for foreign Doctoral students is the same as for French Doctoral students. For information and assistance, your contacts at the three institutions and the doctoral school are:

Secretary Office - Sylvie ROBERJOT
Tél : 04 72 44 83 62
Email : secretariat.ediss@univ-lyon1.fr

Lyon 1 :                 
Fabienne MACRO - Gestion des Conventions d'Accueil et aide administrative
Tél : 04 72 43 27 46
Email : fabienne.macro@univ-lyon1.fr

INSA Lyon :
Marie-Pierr FAVRE
Direction des Relations Internationales
Tél : 04 72 43 83 91
Email : dri@insa-lyon.fr

Université de Lyon :
Catherine DALL'AGNOL - Responsable de l'Espace Ulys
Tél : 06 16 85 24 79
Email : catherine.dallagnol@universite-lyon.fr     

►►Services for foreign doctoral students

♦ EURAXESS France is the reference regarding the support of researchers and doctoral students in their efforts to settle and integrate in France. This is the only national structure acknowledged by the French ministries and the European Commission.♦ The EURAXESS Services Centers of the Université de Lyon (Ulys platform) provide you with valuable assistance in coming to France and moving to Lyon or Saint-Étienne.

The Ulys platform assists you in moving to and settling in at the Lyon - Saint-Étienne university cluster.
To benefit from the services on offer (help with administrative formalities, searching for housing, invitations to various events and evening receptions, French lessons, etc.), please first register with the database for researchers and Doctoral students.
The Boréal Center of the University Claude Bernard Lyon1
The Boréal center advises and helps you in your administrative procedures in English, German and Spanish.

The Housing Guide
Practical guide to help you with your accommodations in France

►►► Funding for foreign applicants
Access the directory for the Campus France grant programme:

French language

French language classes (FLE : français langue étrangère / French as foreign language)

Learnig or improving your French

Even if your work language is English, a knowledge of French will facilitate your move to France, as well as your social integration. As a doctoral student, you benefit from several French language courses offers. These courses are partially or fully subsidized.
Free French classes are made available to doctoral students by certain host institutions and by the University of Lyon during foreign students doctoral studies. Attendance at these classes can be validated within the framework of the doctoral school's required training programme.

FLE («French as a Foreign Language») contacts:
- Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 : solange.goy@univ-lyon1.fr
- INSA de Lyon : delphine.fradois@insa-lyon.fr

The Espace Ulys assists you in your learning of French and can recommend several language-instruction options for beginning learners starting upon your arrival in France.

Writing the thesis

If you do not master the French language, you may carry out your research work and write your thesis in English.  In this event, a page summary in French is required.

How to apply


Euraxess Services

The Alfred Kastler National Foundation (FNAK) has published a housing guide to assist foreign scientists in their search for accommodations.