How to apply

Gaining admission to the doctoral programme requires rigorous preparation prior to submitting one's application. For most would-be Doctoral students, this preparation begins during the last year of the Master's, which is when one must begin the various necessary application procedures in order to properly prepare one's application dossier (see box). The doctoral school will base its admission decision on this dossier.

Admission requirements for the Doctoral studies

To apply for a Doctorate, the applicant must:
  • Hold a Master's degree or equivalent diploma which proves his/her aptitude for research
  • The next step is to enroll for the doctorate as follows (to proceed simultaneously to a double registration each year (see page « annual registrations »):
1- enrollment in a doctoral school (course registration at EDISS)
2- then, administrative enrollment (administrative registration) at his/her Thesis Supervisor's institution (University of Lyon 1 or INSA)


Below, you will find complete information on the different obligatory steps:

Application dossier for foreign applicants

Out of competitive recruitment

►It must include :

This applicaion file or dossier must be sent to the doctoral school office and contain the above items.

►To apply for doctoral contract within the framework of a competitive recruitment, please follow the procedure

Course registration at EDISS