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The Research Unit

«The doctorate represents an immersion in the professional research environment” (Phd Student Guide) [PDF - 3 Mo]

The 300 Doctoral students enrolled in the Doctoral school EDISS undergo research training within 60 Host Research Teams (Équipes d’Accueil de Doctorants) in 32 Research Units (laboratories) most of which (16 UMR or Joint Research Units) are accredited by one or more supervisory institutions, public organizations such as :

CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research),
INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research),
IFSTTAR (French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks) and the University of Lyon (http://www.universite-lyon.fr/doctorat/)

Participating in the life of the laboratory

The Doctoral Student is a fully-fledged member of the laboratory to which he/she is attached. He/she participates in the life of the Unit Research.
The laboratory or Unit Research ensures scientific environment and makes available to Doctoral students various resources: work colleagues, equipment and facilities, access to data, financial aid, etc. It is often their place of work and they must understand and respect its particular rules of operation.
A major part of our Research teams are located within the premises of different hospitals in Lyon.

The Doctoral student can join one of the following Research Team belonging to the laboratories (Research units) as listed below (use the link below).

Supervision and monitoring the PhD thesis

The research conducted by the Doctoral student is supervised by the Thesis Director with HDR (An experienced researcher with “accreditation to supervise research” to advise and guide the student throughout his/her doctoral studies), in a research laboratory that is part of the Doctoral school.

“It is the student’s responsibility to regularly inform his/her thesis director regarding the progress of his/her thesis work, any difficulties encountered and his/her schedule”.(Thesis Charter of Université de Lyon) [PDF - 299 Ko]
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Types of laboratories at EDISS:

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