The Thesis Director HDR

The Thesis Director HDR is a highly qualified researcher with an "habilitation à diriger des recherches" (HDR or «accreditation to supervise research»). He or she accompanies the doctoral student during his/her evolution as a young researcher and supervises his/her research project.

The Thesis director may be assisted by a co-supervisor, whose involvement has been validated by the «Scientific Committee» of your institution or by a «Supervision Committee».(Phd Student Guide p.35)

The thesis director:
  • Is fully responsible for the scientific supervision of the doctoral student’s thesis work
  • Undertakes to regularly monitor the student project’s progress and consider new avenues to explore given the ever evolving results
  • Has the obligation to inform the doctoral student regarding any positive assessments or, conversely, objections and criticisms liable to be provoked by the student’s work, notably during the thesis defence
  • Must encourage the student’s integration into his/her host laboratory.

It is your responsibility to regularly inform your thesis director regarding the progress of your thesis work, any difficulties encountered and your schedule.(From University of Lyon Thesis Charter)

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Supervising and monitoring the PhD Thesis

                              HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches)
                             Accreditation to supervise research

In France, accreditation to supervise research is the highest academic qualification, earned after obtaining a PhD. It is statutorily defined by the Order of 23 November 1988.
This qualification allows for formally supervising Doctoral students as PhD supervisor (Thesis supervisor with HDR).

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► Convention_HDR_UCBL Lyon 1-INSA [PDF - 107 Ko] (procedure jointly awarded by Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and INSA Lyon under the Agreement of 8 July 2005)

EDISS Thesis supervisors with HDR

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