Welcome to the Website of the Doctoral School EDISS ED 205 Sciences, Health, Interdisciplinary

Preparation of a doctorate at EDISS revolves around 5 sientific research themes:

- Molecular & structural biology & chemistry
- Physiology, pathophysiology & endocrinology
- Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health
- Applied life sciences & biotechnology
- Sport sciences

Quality training and supervision

EDISS is home to:

- 300 Doctoral students
- 270 HDRs (accredited research directors)
- 70 thesis submitted & defended each year, on average
- 33 laboratories (Research Units) among which 16 UMR (Joint Research Unit) associated to CNRS, INSERM or IFSTTAR
- 60 Host Research Teams

EDISS Annual Scientific Day

The Annual Scientific Day organized by the Doctoral School is held every year in October and allows all of the school's Doctoral students to meet together, share & discuss their research work and expand their networks. It is an opportunity for them to present their work via oral presentations or posters. Conferences, a round table discussion and a poster competition lend rhythm to this day.


Latest News & Events (in French).

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