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Obtaining a commitment letter (request for funding)

The following documents are needed to get a commitment letter from EDISS.

CV (2 pages maximum)
Master (research) degree diploma (join a copy of the diploma)
Mark transcripts of the 4 semesters of the Master program
The completed and signed application form
Proof of a 3-year funding
Letter of support from the PhD supervisor

Letter of support from the Director of the laboratory

For a CIFRE, a commitment letter from the company mentionning the name of the PhD supervisor, and the name of the academic co-supervisor if applicable, the title of the PhD project, the name of the academic laboratory where the thesis will be carried out as well as the name of the person who will supervise the PhD project in the company.

The application including all documents must be sent to the EDISS Director (, and to the EDISS secretariat (

The secretariat of EDISS will check that the application is complete before forwarding it to the Director who will accept or reject it based on pedagogical and administrative criteria (e.g. diploma, mark transcripts, adequation of training and PhD project, and funding.
The admissibility criteria are the following :
  • The candidate must hold or be in the process of being awarded, a French Research Master degree (M2 or Engineer degree with a 6-month internship in an academic laboratory), or a foreign degree of equivalent level and including research training 
  • The candidate must have a PhD project related to one of the scientific disciplines of EDISS
  • The candidate must have obtained support letterheads from a PhD supervisor and the Director of the laboratory both affiliated to EDISS.
  • The candidate must have sent the completed and signed application form as well as all the requested documents 
If the application is accepted, the commitment letter from EDISS will be sent to the candidate by the Director of EDISS.