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PhD Application (2024/2025)

You have a 3-year funding to do a PhD thesis (e.g., research contract, a Cifre or a salary due to your professional activity related to your PhD project, and if you want to do a PhD.

Step 1 : Application file

The application file must include the following elements :

CV (2 pages maximum)
Master (Research) degree diploma (join a copy of the diploma)
Mark transcripts of the 4 semesters of the Master program
The completed and signed application form
Proof of a 3-year funding
Letter of support from PhD supervisor on letterhead of the Research Unit
Letter of support from the Director of the laboratory on letterhead of the Research Unit

The application including all documents must be sent to the EDISS Director (, and to the EDISS secretariat ( and include all suporting documents.

Step 2 : Processing of application

On receipt of the application, the secretariat of EDISS will check that it is complete before forwarding it to the Director who will accept or reject it based on pedagogical and administrative criteria (e.g. diploma, mark transcripts, adequation of training and PhD project, sources of funding).

The eligibility criteria are as the following :
  • To be enrolled in a PhD doctoral program, the candidates must hold a national master's degree or another degree conferring the grade of master following a university curriculum or professional experience establishing their aptitude for research. This aptitude will be assessed by the Direction of EDISS and/or the EDISS Board, considering the university curriculum of the candidates and the internships they made during their training. EDISS may refuse to register a candidate if he or she does not meet the conditons described above, if his or her academic level is deemed too low, if his or her training does not appear to be in line with his or her thesis project, or if the thesis project does not fall within the thematic scope of EDISS.
  • The candidate must have a PhD project related to one of the scientific disciplines of EDISS
  • The candidate must have obtained support letterheards from a PhD supervisor and the Director of the laboratory both affiliated to EDISS.
  • The candidate must have sent the completed and signed application form as well as all the requested documents 
You will be notified of the acceptance of your application by the management of the doctoral school.

STEP 3: Interview

All candidates authorized to register for the first year of their thesis are interviewed by members of the EDISS Council representing EDISS disciplines. The interviews take place after EDISS has examined the application files and authorization to enroll in the EDISS PhD program. PhD students are interviewed for 20 minutes (10 min to present their phD project, followed by 10 min of questions from the Council members), so that EDISS can ensure that the thesis project is structured, well-defined and understood by the PhD students. The PhD supervisor and co-supervisors, as well as the company representative in the case of a CIFRE, are invited the interview. Candidates interviewed as part of the EDISS competition for government PhD fellowships are not re-interviewed if their PhD project is the one presented in the competition.

Step 4 : Enrolment in EDISS PhD program

If the candidate is authorized to enroll in EDISS PhD program, his/her ADUM* account will be created by EDISS so that they can start the enrollment process.
 * Accès doctorat unique et mutualisé

The registration comprises two parts :
  1. Pedagogical registration managed by EDISS (step 1-4, see below)
  2. Administrative registration (step 5-6, see below) managed by University Lyon1, INSA Lyon or VetaGroSup

Pedagogical registration (steps 1/6 to 4/6 on ADUM)

You have to create and fulfill your ADUM account.
After submission of your application, your ADUM file is in the validation phrase 1/6.

Validation phases :
Draft : State of the ADUM file before submission of the application 
Validation phase 1/6 : Secretariat of EDISS (verification of the information)
Validation phase 2/6 : PhD supervisor
Validation phase 3/6 : Director of the laboratory
Validation phase 4/6 : Director of EDISS

At the end of the pedagogical registration, your file is at the validation phase 5/6 and you can proceed to the administrative registration.

Administrative registration (steps 5/6 and 6/6 on ADUM)

The administrative registration is managed by the Department in charge of PhD programs in your institution (University Lyon 1, INSA Lyon or VetAgroSup. 
This Department will ask you to pay your registration fees and will deliver registration certificates. The registration institution is selected by your PhD director.
The registration is completed when your ADUM file indicates the status "inscrit" (enrolled).