Registration for a PhD is compulsory and must be renewed every academic year, until the defense. 

As a reminder, registration (and re-registration) for the PhD students at the University of  Lyon comprises two steps :

  1. Pedagogical registration with the doctoral school
  2. Administrative registration with the institution (University Lyon 1, INSA de Lyon ou VetAgroSup)
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Annual re-enrollment

Documents for re-enrollment must be sent to EDISS on September 30th 2023 at the latest for 2023/2024 enrollment,  regardless of the date of enrolment or re-enrollment for the PhD in 2022/2023.

Enrollment in 2nd and 3rd year

Before submitting your application for registration in the 2nd or 3rd year, you must: 
Send the following documents to the secretariat and Direction of EDISS :
  • The report of the individual PhD follow-up committee (CSI)
  • The confidential annex to the CSI form
  • The slides of the presentation given to the CSI members
  • The 2-page report on the research activities carried out during the past year

Update your ADUM file by uploading :
  • the individual commitees'documents
  • the proof of funding for the academic year of registration (tab Financements)
The PhD student can only re-enroll when the direction of EDISS has validated the CSI and authorized his/her re-enrollement.

Enrollment in a 4th year and beyond

Enrollment in a fourth year or beyond is derogatory and is based on a motivated request. To do so, the PhD student must complete the part of the CSI report dedicated to derogatory registration requests, which includes the recommendation and signature of the PhD supervisor.

The request for derogatory registration is examined by the EDISS Director who autorizes or not the re-enrollment.

Please note : 
If you submit an incomplete application ADUM, the secratariat of EDISS will indicate you via ADUM what are the missing documents and your ADUM profile will be reset to "draft" status so that you can add the documents. 
After adding the documents, you should resubmit your application.