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Training courses of University of Lyon

The University of Lyon offers a variety of training courses, opened to all PhD students, to develop professional skills.

Annual scientific day of EDISS (JEDISS)

It takes place every year in October or November and allows PhD students to present their work as oral and poster presentations.

The department Orientation and professional insertion (SOIE) of  University Lyon 1

The University Lyon1 help PhD students to build a career plan.
► Université de Lyon 1 Service d'Orientation et d'Insertion professionnelle (SOIE)

PhD Employment Days (JED)

Organized each year by the University of Lyon, they offer to PhD students an opportunity to meet young doctors working in private companies, and to be trained in recruitment interviews.
One JED is dedicated to PhD students in exact sciences, and another one to those working in Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS).
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The BIO Techno Rhône-Alpes forum

This forum, organised each year by the associations BioDocs Lyon and BioDocs Grenoble, is dedicated to the employment of PhD holders in biological sciences. It provides an opportunity for young reserachers to meet professionals in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. 

The University of Lyon supports its PhD students and young doctors

Le dispositif Docteur-Conseil

The Doctor-Adviser program, funded by Greater Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, aims to contribute to the innovation process of companies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, to enhance the value of the PhD degree and to facilitate the professional integration of young PhDs from the University of Lyon.
Site web DocPro:

Carrière et emploi - Université de Lyon 

APEC (Agence pour l’Emploi des Cadres)

It offers to young doctors a personalized and free employment search support program. APEC staff is used to work with young doctors. 
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The Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) Intellia'gence

It eases the training and employment of young scientists in public and private laboratories in France and abroad.