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61 research teams belonging to 30 laboratories units and 1 R&D company team

ANSES Lyon -The French agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety - ANSES

BioDyMIA - Bioengineering and microbial dynamics at food interfaces - EA 3733

CarMeN - Cardiovascular, Metabolism, Diabetology and Nutrition - UMR INSERM 1060

3 teams: Diet and food matrix in obsesity and metabolic diseases: role of intestinal tract and innovative therapeutics (DO-IT) / Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions ans signaling in metabolic health and diseases (MERISM) / Ischemia-Reperfusion syndromes (IRIS)
Website : Homepage - CarMeN Laboratory Lyon (
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CIRC/ IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer - International - OMS

4 teams: Cancer surveillance (CSU) / Nutrition and Metabolism (NME) / Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology (ENV) / Genomic Epidemiology (GEM)
Website :
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CREATIS - Research Center of Image Acquisition and Analysis for Health - UMR CNRS INSERM 5220

3 teams: Modeling and analysis for medical imaging and diagnosis (MYRIAD) / Ultrasound imaging (ULTIM) / NMR and optics, from measure to biomarker (MAGICS)
Website : Biomedical Imaging Research Lab | CREATIS (
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CRNL - Research Center in Neurosciences of Lyon - UMR 5292

2 teams: Radiopharmaceutical and Neurochemical Biomarkers (BIORAN) / Integrated Physiology of the Brain Arousal systems (WAKING)
WebsiteFront News | Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre (
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ICBMS - Institute of Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry - UMR CNRS 5246

6 teams: Extracellular and pericellular molecular Assembly (ASPE) / Conception and synthesis of biologically active substances (COSSBA) / Enzymatic Engineering, Biomimetic Membranes and Supramolecular Assembly (GEMBAS) / Organic Chemistry 2 Laboratory (LCO2) / Metabolism, Enzymes and Molecular Mechanisms (MEM2) / Malaria research unit (SMITH Malaria)
Website : L'Institut de Chimie et Biochimie Moléculaires et Supramoléculaires (
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IGFL - Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon - UMR5242

IP2I - Institute of the 2 Physical infinities of Lyon - UMR CNRS 5822

LabTAU -Laboratory of Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound -  UMR INSERM 1032

LAGEPP - Laboratory of Automatic Control, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering - UMR CNRS - U5007

LaMCoS - Contact and Structural Mechanics Laboratory - UMR CNRS 5259

1 team: Mechanics, lipidomics and engineering for health (Meca LIpS)
Website:LaMCoS (

LBTI - Laboratory of Tissular Biology and Therapeutic Ingeneering - UMR CNRS 5305

5 teams; Skin fonctional integrity (SKIN) / Matricellular proteins and pathological deregulations / Metalloproteinases and tissue remodeling / Colloidal vectors and therapeutic targered engireering / Osteoarticular and dental research

LEHNA - The Natural and Man-made Hydrosystems Ecology Laboratory - UMR CNRS 5023

1 team: Behavioural Ecology Biology and Conservation (E2C)
Website :
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LIBM - Interuniversity Laboratory of Human Movement Biology - EA 7424

4 teams: Vascular biology and red blood cells (VBRBC) / Mental processes, cerebral plasticity and motor performance (MP3) / Sport performance and injury prevention (SPIP) / Atherosclerosis, thrombosis and physical activity (ATPA)
Website : Home - Université Jean Monnet (

LMI - Laboratory of Multimaterials and Interfaces - UMR CNRS 5615

LYOS - Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatments of Musculoskeletal Disorders - UMR INSERM 1033

MATEIS - Materials, Ingeneering and Sciences - UMR CNRS 5510

MMSB - Molecular Microbiology and Structural Biology - UMR CNRS 5086

8 teams: Biocrystallography and structural biology of therapeutic targets (BBSCT) / Drug resistance and membrane proteins (DRMP) / Protein solid-state NMR (NMR) / Structural biology of bacterial macromolecular complexes (BSCMB) / Retroviruses and structural biochemistry (RETRO) / Bactérial pathogens and protein phosphorylation (B3P) / Modelling biological macromolecules (MOBI) / Bacterial nucleotide-binding proteins; resistance to antibiotics and new targets (BNBP)
Website :
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P2S - Systemic Health Process - UR 4129

PGNM - Physiopathology and genetic of Neuron and Muscle –UMR 5261

3 teams: Excitability and calcium signaling in normal and diseased skeletal muscle / Stem cell environment and skeletal muscle homeostasis / Metabolic regulation of adulte muscle stem celle fate
Website : L'INMG - INMG - PGNM

PI3 – Pathophysiology of Injury-Induced Immunosuppression - EA 7426

RESHAPE - RESearch on Health cAre Professionals PErformance - UR 1290

1 team: Research on healthcare professionals performance
WebsiteReshape (

RS2GP - Wild rodents, health risks and population management - USC VetAgro Sup 1233

SBRI - Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute - UPR U 1208

UMRESTTE - Epidemiological Research and Surveillance Unit in Transport, Occupation and  Environment -  UMRT 9405

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