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Applying for a PhD (enrollment 2023/2024)

Administrative enrollment for a PhD is approved by the Institution, on the basis of a proposal from the Director of the doctoral school, after consultation with the PhD supervisor and the Director of the laboratory.

Conditions of access to the PhD programm

To apply to the EDISS PhD program, you must :

Have a Master and a first research experience

To be enrolled in a doctoral programm, the candidate must hold a french master degree  conferring the grade of Master in a research programm (M2 or an engineering degree with a final year internship in a research unit) or a foreign degree of equivalent level and including research training.

If this diploma requirement is not met, the head of the university may, by derogation and on the recommendation of the doctoral school council, enrol in the doctoral programme people who have completed studies of an equivalent level or who benefit from the validation of acquired experience as underlined in article L. 613-5 of the Education Code.

EDISS may reject to enroll a candidate if he/she does not have the required diploma, if his/her academic level is too low, if his/her training does not seem to be in line with his/her thesis project or if the thesis project does not fall within the topics of EDISS.

Have a host laboratory and a PhD supervisor with an HDR

You must contact the laboratories affiliated to EDISS in order to find a PhD supervisor  who will agree to follow you throughout your PhD.

Link to the laboratories affiliated to EDISS

Have a 3-year funding

The funding corresponds to the PhD salary for the duration of the PhD thesis (36 months). To be enrolled in the EDISS PhD program, the minimum salary has to be the one requested by your enrolling institution (for example: the University Lyon 1 is 1300€ per month).

How to apply

Apply with funding (except for government fellowships)

You have obtained a funding for a PhD thesis (research agreement or other funding) or you work in a field related to your PhD thesis (e.g, MD, pharmacist, dentist).
You wish to enroll in EDISS PhD program for the current academic year.

Read the PhD application process

Obtaining a commitment letter of EDISS to apply for funding

You are working on an application for funding (CIFRE, DGA, medical foundations, associations, etc.) and you need a letter of commitment or the opinion of the doctoral school.
Read the procedure to obtain the letter

How to apply to the competitive government fellowships