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Scientific supervision of the doctoral student

Thesis supervisor, co-supervisoror and HDR

Doctoral students perform their PhD project under the supervision and responsability of a PhD supervisor, who must hold an Accreditation to Supervise Research or HDR (see below).

The main PhD supervisor must belong to one of the laboratories and teams affiliated to  EDISS and must hold an Accreditation to Supervise Research or HDR (French acronym). 
The EDISS Council has set a maximum number of 4 PhD students per supervisor and co-supervisor within the limit of 300% as supervision ratio. The minimum supervision ratio for a PhD student is 30%.
The maximum number of supervisors per PhD student (including then main PhD supervisor) is 3.

According to the article 16 of the order  of  25 may 2016  setting the national framework for PhD thesis specifies that PhD Supervision can be carried out :
  • By professors and assimilated personnel within the terms of Article 6 of decree  n° 92-70 relative to the French National Council of Universities and Article 5 of decree n° 87-31 for Health disciplines, or by teachers of equivalent rank who do not depend on the Ministry of Higher Education, by personnel from higher education establishments, public research organisations ;
  • By other individuals holding a PhD, chosen for their scientific competence by the head of the institution, on the proposal of the director of the doctoral school and after consultation with the research commission of the academic council or the equivalent body of the institution where the student is enrolled.

The Doctoral Charter, signed by the PhD supervisor , the co-supervisor and the Director of the research laboratory, at the time of his/her first enrollment, specifies the conditions under which the doctoral training is carried out, and includes the rights and duties of the PhD student, PhD supervisor and co-supervisors, the research unit, and the doctoral school.  
An amendment to this Doctoral Charter specifies the additional elements that are specific to the institutions where students are enrolled.

Accreditation to supervise research

What is an HDR ?

The accreditation to supervise research or HDR, is a French national higher education diploma that can be obtained after a PhD.

It is defined by regulation l'arrêté du 23 novembre 1988 relatif à l'habilitation à diriger des recherches.

This diploma enables the official supervision of PhD students as PhD supervisor. 

"Obtaining this diploma is a recognition of the candidate's high scientific level,  the innovative nature of his/her approach in a field of science, his/her ability to run a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field, and his/her capacity to supervise young researchers".

The HDR also enables candidates to apply to full University professorship University.

How to apply the accreditation to supervise research ?

HDR procedure Lyon 1

The registration procedure for the HDR is managed at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 by the Doctorate-HDR Pole of the Research and Doctoral Studies Department (DRED).
> See the procedure of HDR Lyon 1

Procedure HDR INSA

The registration procedure for the HDR is managed at INSA Lyon by the Department of Training through Research and Doctoral Studies (FEDORA).
> See the procedure HDR INSA de Lyon