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Individual PhD follow-up commitee (CSI)

The individual PhD follow-up committee meets at least once a year until the PhD defense. It is mandatory for the annual re-enrollment. 

The individual PhD follow-up committee writes a report signed by the President of the committee, on the progress of the PhD project, the provisional schedule of publications, highlights the positive facts and potential difficulties faced by the PhD student, and gives a recommendation on the re-enrollment of the PhD student. 

The documents related to the CSI should be sent to EDISS by September 30th, 2024 at the latest for a 2024/2025 enrollment, regardless of the date of (re)enrollment in 2023/2024.

Composition of the individual follow-up committee

The CSI is made up:
  • the PhD supervisor and any co-supervisor and if the PhD student is funded by a CIFRE, of a representative of the company if he/she is not one of the co-supervisors officially declared in the application file and on ADUM
  • two members external to the Phd project (see below), one proposed by the PhD student and the other one by the PhD supervisor :
- One HDR, external to the PhD project, to EDISS and to the laboratory of the PhD student, who will chair the CSI
- One HDR, external to the PhD project and to the team of the PhD student* and his/her supervisor and co-supervisors, possibly from the laboratory of the PhD student. 
          * The teams taken into account by EDISS are those validated by the HCERES.

The external members of the committee will be chosen for their expertise in the PhD student research field and/or on the methodological aspects of his/her work. One of the external members is proposed by the PhD student and the other by the PhD supervisor.

The CSI monitoring committee includes at least one member specialised in the discipline or related to the field of the thesis. Wherever possible, the doctoral student's individual monitoring committee includes a member from outside the institution. It also includes a non-specialist member from outside the thesis research field (decree of 26 August 2022).

Co-authors of publications of the PhD student and his/her (co-)supervisors and co-inventors of patents involving the PhD student and his/her supervisor and co-supervisors cannot be members of the CSI. 

Researchers working in foreign institutions may be members of the CSI subject to approval by the Director of EDISS. Their CVs must be attached to the request. 

External members of the CSI may be examiners of the defense jury BUT NOT REVIEWERS.

Please note :

The PhD student completes an annex where he/she can make comments and tick a box requesting to be contacted by the Direction of EDISS. 
This annex, confidential, is sent only to the Secretariat and Direction of EDISS.

The CSI is mandotory for re-enrollment in D4, D5 et D6 unless the PhD is defended before the end of the calendar year. 
In that case, the proposition for reviewers and jury members, signed by the thesis supervisors, must be sent before 30 September 2024.

CSI meeting

Prior to the CSI for D1 students and in case of modification of the CSI members for the other PhD students
  • Send the composition form 2023-2024 and the conflict of interest disclosure form for each proposed CSI member to the EDISS secretariat and EDISS Director for validation before the CSI meeting and by July 10, 2024 at the latest
  • The PhD student writes a two page report describing the advance of his/her work and sends it to the CSI members

CSI meeting, which can be organised by videoconference :

  • Presentation by the PhD student of the work done and articles in progress, submitted or published, presentations made, training courses attended and skills added to the skills portfolio in the past year
  • Answers to questions asked by CSI members
  • Discussion between the CSI members and the PhD student in the absence of the PhD supervisor and any co-supervisor. 
  • Discussion between the CSI members and the PhD supervisor and any-supervisor in the absence of the PhD student
  • The CSI members write the report, which is signed by the President of the CSI 
After the CSI meeting:
  • The PhD student sends the CSI report to the PhD supervisor, co-supervisors and the representative of the company for PhD student funded by a CIFRE. 
  • The PhD student sends the CSI report, the slides he/she presented, the 2 page report, and the approval composition of CSI to the secretariat and Director of EDISS (, in a single .pdf via a FileSender /Renater link available for 3 weeks and the annex attached . The name of the single file must be NomDoctorant_CSI2024.
  • When the CSI is validated by the Director of the EDISS executive, the PhD student can then start the re-enrollment process in EDISS PhD program.